The scandal of "Elephant shows" in Thailand

The scandal of “Elephant shows” in Thailand Written by Gabrielle Nagle. Thailand's Elephant Crisis Anyone who's been to Thailand will agree that elephants are a huge part of Thai culture. As the country's national symbol and ideal snapshots of 'exoticness',…Read More

Torture of an adult elephant

This video was shot in March 2008 while an elephant was being tortured at the elephant nursery in Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala. When asked why this was happening the mahout replied that the elephant was being naughty that day and he required the torture to…Read More

Recipe For Servitude In The Circus

Ingredients 1...Botswana, Africa 2...Pretoria, Africa 3...One Mother elephant, must have her beloved baby with her. 4...Trader 5...Warehouse 6...Metal Bullhooks: note-bullhooks must be extremely sharp 7...Heavy chains and chain cutters 8...Locks for…Read More


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