At Ogilvy, we help clients leverage the power of social media and have seen how a group of connected individuals focused on a goal can affect change. We believe this power can benefit worthy causes.

The time for changing the way we think is now. The world today is at a tipping point — our natural resources are running out and more people than ever are faced with health disparities and educational disadvantages. Governments around the world have acknowledged these realities. Consumers are demanding change. They expect companies, like Ogilvy, to take responsibility for their impact on the world.

The mission of this community is to apply our knowledge of branding to nonprofits and corporations and give them the tools to lead in the world ahead.

Companies that embrace change will position themselves for continued growth in tomorrow’s economy and take the lead in creating a better world. They can facilitate a real, positive impact on the future. It’s why we as Ogilvy firmly believe that service to the community is an operational imperative and strategic opportunity.

We are working with Causes to connect people with issues they care about. We encourage you to learn more, get involved, share your stories and take action to create change in your community.