This guy is actually an elected official?!?!?!

Hello! I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support for this cause. Facebook seems to be doing a better job about policing their pages and that is what we are aiming for. This cause has grown so big in part that every member believes vehemently…Read More

Donations needed for NEPA Avail-a-bullies Pit Bull Rescue

Hello everyone, As always I wanna thank you for making this cause such a success. I'm glad to see so many people out there are outraged and disturbed by the world of dog fighting and would like to see things change. What I'm here for today is to ask anyone…Read More

Facebook is slacking, dog fighting page found today

Apparently Facebook is slacking on it's regulation of pages. It always amuses me how they can block people from networking animals for rescue purposes but they allow dog fighting pages to be…Read More

Calling all Pit Bull lovers..

If you're a Pit Bull lover like me please consider joining this cause.. UPDATE #1 This is a cause that another animal advocate brought to my…Read More

The reason for this cause.

I have been questioned more than once lately on the Facebook page for this cause where the dog fighting pages are. I've answered the question there and I'm gonna answer it here, now, one last time. This cause was started on January 29th after a dog fighting…Read More

So proud of everyone!! More dogs to save & an Eva update!!

I can never thank all of you enough. This cause has more members than I ever expected. I'm touched by every one of you and that you've taken the time to care about the animals being hurt by careless humans. I talked about Eva, a dog in servere need of help,…Read More

Save a dog's life.

Hi, first I'd like to say we've moved past the 50,000 mark which is wonderful. Thank you all! Now to the business at hand. I ask all the members if this cause to head to the Bruised Not Broken page and the Faces from the Inside folder posted there. Inside…Read More
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