Imbran Out Of Hospital

We arrived last Tuesday night the 28th, and saw Imbran on the 29th a day before he had last operation on his Femur, The operation went well and we monitored his progress over the next 4 days. Kerrie went to the Hospital yesterday 5th March and Imbran was…Read More

Imbran update

Just spoke to Imbran and he is slowly getting better. He can sit up now with help so life is a bit easier. The surgery is still not done on his broken Femur as he is not considered as being high priority. There are so many other poor smashed up people that…Read More

Imbran update

Just got back from Three days in Bali trying to sort out the maze with Imbran, He burst into tears when I saw him. He was so happy I came to help him. He is according to Imbran "very big broken" :( Broken clavicles make it impossible for him to sit up. Broken…Read More

Latest Update 6th Feb 8:51pm Bali Time

It is confirmed Imbran has broken Fema and is in traction on his right leg. He has Two broken collar bones. Cant feed himselfm and is using a drink cup to help get hydration. He is laying flat as cant sit up due to the collarbones. He also has broken ribs so…Read More

We are raising funds to help Imbran as the hospital wont operate until it is paid.

Imagine being in a bad accident laying in emergency with little or no pain relief for 5 hours. Imbran has 1. Broken collarbone 2. Arm fully broken in 5 places 3. Open wound on arm that needs urgent attention to stop any infection. 4. Five Broken ribs and…Read More

Thank you Tania & Marie

We received your donation. Universal love. Thank you xxx

1st Surgery Finished.

Imbran is out of Surgery for the arm and collarbone
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