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Imbran Out Of Hospital

We arrived last Tuesday night the 28th, and saw Imbran on the 29th a day before he had last operation on his Femur, The operation went well and we monitored his progress over the next 4 days. Kerrie went to the Hospital yesterday 5th March and Imbran was allowed to leave. We paid the last operation which was 15 million rupia. We arranged with our hotel for a place for Imbran to stay and he is allowed to stay with us until the 28th March. He is in high spirits and looking very well. We brought him a wheel chair and crutches so he is mobile to a degree. He was given everyones details and later today I am setting up a laptop so he can come onto facebook properly.
Thank you everyone for the support you have given and love you all show for Imbran. Mark


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