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Imbran update

Just spoke to Imbran and he is slowly getting better. He can sit up now with help so life is a bit easier.
The surgery is still not done on his broken Femur as he is not considered as being high priority. There are so many other poor smashed up people that they keep putting him down the list.
He spoke to his Doctor. This is Imbrans sms I received.
"this is suggestion of the doctor which handle me just say to the official i have to home but dont say you will have operation outside of this hospital i will arrange other hospital for you for the same cost and you have to prepare the car to taking you there, and i will contact them and they ready do operation for you"
We are there in 9 days time. Imbran has said we can make the "decitition" then. So maybe thats the path we need to go down to get his surgery done.
Will keep you guys up to date when I know more.
Thanks again for all your help and donations. You guys are amazing.


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