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Imbran update

Just got back from Three days in Bali trying to sort out the maze with Imbran, He burst into tears when I saw him. He was so happy I came to help him.
He is according to Imbran "very big broken" :(
Broken clavicles make it impossible for him to sit up. Broken ribs arent helping. He has had surgery on his broken arm but is on a waiting list to operate on his broken Femur.
We rang his family and they told us they were to busy to come help him.
Bali hospitals are extremely short staffed so patients rely on family to help them. That would be to feed them, wash them, give them medication...everything. Imbran is the only one with no family that I saw. He is totally relying on us.
Marelle and Achun (our saviour and translator) have been amazing in trying to help him.
At the moment we are trying to maybe get a bit of insurance to help out with bills. The most they will p ay out is 10000000rp.
We are also trying to find somebody to sit with Imbran at night. He had two panic attacks Saturday night he was so stressed. We maybe have someone at 35000rp a night.
This coupled with Hospital fees, medication etc is obviously an expensive exercise. This is also without considering the cost of the his care when he leaves hospital.!!!
I told Imbran about all the amazing people on this site that care for him and want to help him. He was extremely taken aback but very happy to hear about what you guys are doing to help him. Of coarse with a lt of sobbing and dramatics on his behalf.. LOL Bles him.
Will keep you guys updated anyhow and thank you so much.


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