Clean surroundings are conducive to clean and healthy living.

I am sure that all of us are aware that the state of our surroundings affect the way we feel. Call if “energy” or vibes or atmosphere. This is something real though intangible. For example the atmosphere of a hospital and the atmosphere of a church or a…Read More

Taking Personal Responsibility

Isn't it strange and yet such a charateristically Indian trait that the response to the idea of a Clean India receive such a lukewarm response? A person does not need to invest any money or time to do what is necessary. The point is we need to take personal…Read More

Let us start a Citizen’s movement

Now is the time when all of us who care about our country need to DO something about it. Since most people today have the mindset “I am very busy, I have no time”, the idea of a Clean India at the individual level was promoted. Intelligentsia will have…Read More

The grass is always greener on the other side.. they worked to make it so

We Indians need to start believing in ourselves. We are always looking at someone or somewhere else rather than at where we are. The grass is always greener on the other side. It is also true that those who live there have worked to make it so. We ‘WISH’ to…Read More

it starts with me

There have been a few suggestions from our friends about ways to implement “Clean India”. The first was that we get out to sweep our streets in order to keep them clean. Since we already have sweepers employed by the municipal corporation, this really does…Read More

Open drains to treelined water ways

I think India must be the only country where every city and town has its system of open drains filled with garbage & stinking. Other countries have tree lined water ways with boating facilities. A city does not need to be a rubbish dump, it can be a clean…Read More

Our Focus

Some people ask why not take the broom and clean the street. Does it mean we take on sweeping of the streets? If so, are we planning to do this everyday / regularly? Government has already implemented the system. The main focus of Project Clean India is to…Read More
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