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Let us start a Citizen’s movement

Now is the time when all of us who care about our country need to DO something about it. Since most people today have the mindset “I am very busy, I have no time”, the idea of a Clean India at the individual level was promoted. Intelligentsia will have realized in last few months that just joining this cause on Facebook or is not going to take us very far. Not only does each one of us need to participate actively, we also need to introduce this simple concept of not littering our streets to others. Since we are responsible for the garbage strewn state of our country – it is we who must also solve this problem. We seem to have reached the depth of ugliness & filth. Seems no government department or agency is really interested in tackling this problem. This has been made obvious in last few years. So let us start a Citizen’s movement. Let's make our friends, community members aware of not littering the public places. Isn't it time to be proud of our country?

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