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There have been a few suggestions from our friends about ways to implement “Clean India”. The first was that we get out to sweep our streets in order to keep them clean. Since we already have sweepers employed by the municipal corporation, this really does not seem necessary. We could however help maintain the cleaned streets by not throwing waste matter on the swept street.

Another idea was to fine the person who throws litter. I know that in the late 1970’s & 1980’s the Singapore Government implemented the system of fines – it worked very well. However, I do not see the Government Agencies in India taking up this matter. If they were interested, we would not have heaps of garbage outside eateries or the stinking open drains that characterize our cities. Self-discipline is easy – does not involve an organisation and is the most effective way to reach our target of clean streets. Let us be practical and do what is possible with the resources at hand.
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