Urge every Indian not to throw litter in our streets, public places or surroundings

Imagine an India with beautiful streets - We can make this true when each one of us put the litter in its right place

Each one of us needs to do our bit to ensure that our streets are clean. For example, think, - where do I discard the Chocolate wrapper or my empty coffee/coke cup

The former President of India Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam has written about the achievements of our country on the occasion of our Republic Day titled “LET’S BELIEVE IN INDIA” (Source: Times of India Bangalore Edition 25th January pg 13 headline). That’s what we really need – the firm belief that we can achieve our objective, of a Clean India. Can we do away with all the litter in our street? Surely a country that has so many talented, Intelligent people can find a way to deal with garbage efficiently, not have it lined our streets.

Let us use this forum to share our ideas on what I as individual can do to achieve this objective.

- Project Clean India Team