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Start Asking Questions

Use this tool to find your local member of parliament's email address:

When you've got it, send a personal email to him/her asking these two questions. For Conservative MPs you can ask them straight. For opposition MPs ask them to ask the government:

Question #1: Have you, or any member of the Prime Minister’s office, or any member of your government, used language to describe any critic whatsoever of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline or Canadian oil sands development in general, using the words “Enemy,” or “Enemies” of the Government of Canada or “Enemy,” or “Enemies” of the people of Canada?

Question #2: Has your government made any efforts whatsoever, to restrict the ability of any civil society group, whatsoever, and in any fashion, whatsoever, that is registered as an intervenor in the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, to participate to its fullest ability, and to secure its funding as a charitable entity, as it has done in Canada for close to a decade?

Make sure to CC Prime Minister Harper on your email: [email protected]

Demand a straight answer, and share any response you get with the rest of the group.

Inspire others by letting us know you sent your letter!

Talk to you soon!



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