ForestEthics Confirms Whistleblower Andrew Frank's Account of Harper Government's Attempts to Silence Citizen Critics

We're one step closer to the truth. Please read my press release this morning to see the two questions we should all start asking our media, our Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister's Office directly. Demand an answer to these two clear…Read More

The Story So Far

Welcome to this cause, which has only existed for 24 hours. Already we're preparing to start asking tough questions with one loud, strong voice the government can't ignore. While I will compile media more formally in the days ahead, Google has a good…Read More

Start Asking Questions

Use this tool to find your local member of parliament's email address: When you've got it, send a personal email to him/her asking these two questions. For…Read More


Our online campaign to keep citizens focused on uncovering the truth got a serious boost from Margaret Atwood yesterday. She calls this scandal "EnemyGate." If you're on Twitter, please refer to this scandal as #EnemyGate. If we can get it trending, we'll…Read More

Audio Link: Radio interview on our growing citizens' movement to hold this government to account.

Let's Help Tides Canada Tell The Truth

While we're busy going after the government, it's good to remember that one other person knows the truth in this story: Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan, who spoke to the Prime Minister's Office directly. Let's be supportive and give Ross the space he needs…Read More

The “EnemyGate” Scandal

Canadians deserve to know the truth about what was said between the Prime Minister’s Office and Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan.“enemygate”-scandal/ Help Mr. McMillan tell the truth by sending a supportive letter:…Read More


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