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Now It's the Law! No More Forced Sterilization in Illinois!

Good news! As of yesterday, Illinois Governor Quinn signed HB 2290 into law. It is now Public Act 96-0272. As of today, people with disabilities who have guardians are now protected by state law against unnecessary and unconsented forced sterilization. The law now says that if a guardian requests sterilization of a ward with a disability, there needs to be a review process and advocate for the person with a disability. To read about the bill, see

Many thanks to the advocates and groups that worked on this! The groups include: Equip for Equality, the ACLU, FRIDA, the Cook County Office of the Public Guardian, and many others. If you want to send a thank you note to the advocacy coalition, you can send it via Cheryl Jansen at [email protected]. I know that this is an issue across our country that concerns many people, and man

This law stems from several Illinois based advocacy efforts, including an EFE review of sterilization laws in the 50 states and the FRIDA-coordinated campaign on the Ashley X case. Again many thanks to all of those who fight every day so that people with disabilities can be free of oppression.


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