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Feminist Response In Disability Activism (FRIDA)

SKIN: A Town Hall for Positive Body Image

Have you ever felt bad about the skin-you’re-in because of your disability?
Are you angry that there are no positive disabled images in the media?
Have you ever wondered why you feel this way?
Well, come talk about it with F.R.I.D.A.!

Featuring Workshops! Feminist Vendors! Community Organizations!
A Speak out Forum on Positive Body Image and Disability!

This FREE event is geared towards women with disabilities and transgendered people with disabilities of all ages and allies. Bring your questions and thoughts about having a positive body image and open mind! No biological men please!

When: 9:30 am to 4 pm, Saturday, May 16, 2009
Where: Access Living, 115 W. Chicago Avenue. Plan ahead! Parking is limited and metered. We are a short walk between the Red and Brown Line stops on Chicago Avenue.

Check out our registration form to RSVP! SPACE IS LIMITED. We need to know how many people to expect, which workshops you want to attend, and what accommodations people need.

Refreshments, Personal Assistants and American Sign Language Interpreters Provided

For more information, call Monica Heffner at (312) 640-2129

Please do not wear scented products, Access Living is a scent-free environment.

SKIN: A Town hall for Positive Body Image
RSVPs extended due to demand: NEW RSVP date May 14, 2009!!

You can e-mail this form to Monica Heffner at [email protected], fax at (312) 640-2141, or mail it to Monica Heffner, c/o FRIDA, 115 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL 60654.

Your Name:_____________________ Phone or VP:_________________
City, State, ZIP: _________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________
Which workshops will you attend? Pick one
______Dare to Be Beautiful -- Janice Stashwick
Confronting and moving beyond society's stereotypes of beauty.
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you compare yourself to women in the media and
feel like you fall short? Time for a reality check.
This presentation is highly visual, with photos and videos. Please contact us by May 14, 2009 if you
will need an audio describer.

_____Gender Playground: A snazzy & serious approach to gender, disability,& body image
-Aerin Jung & Axeen
Ever wondered what it means to be a "real" woman or a "real" man? What about transgender or gender non-
conforming? Are there an infinite number of possibilities for what your gender could be? Does your
disability affect how you view your gender? Like a thumbprint, each person's gender is unique-- and our
body image should be about being our unique selves. In this interactive workshop be ready to have serious
conversations, play dress-up, represent your own gender, and/or think about what it means to be an ally to
transgender and gender non-conforming people. Anyone is welcome..

Remember, our community women organizations fair will be open throughout the event from 10 am to 3 pm!
Do you need accommodations? Choose one: YES NO If yes, what kind?
___ ASL Interpreter
___ Alternate format for print materials. Please state what kind: _______
___ Assistive Listening Device
___ Personal Assistant
___ Other (please describe):_________________________
____ Spanish language interpreter
____ Audio Describer

We will provide refreshments. Are you vegetarian? YES NO
SEE YOU May 16, 2009!

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