Adonis Valley...Destruction authorized of a rare Eco habitat called Janneh in arabic or Paradise in Adonis valley

In Lebanon, ministries disagreeing on projects while destruction and authorization from one side of destruction of a rare Eco-habitat on the Mediterranean is on-going, ...illegally, even breaking then rules of work of the existing Lebanese State..that is also…Read More

Dams building in a hurry with Millions of Debt and destruction of a Legendary Paradise valley..Unique in the Levant, The Middle-East and Lebanon

they started work without transparency, without legal procedure and without sharing information with the public a highly debatable subject and controversy of information...STOP NOW..Why you are in a Hurry to Destroy...?

What is the best way to move forward with the Mission of this Cause?

Keep doing what we were doing? (15% people answered this) Team-up with some Global and Local Organisations for support? (58% people answered this) This Cause is impossible, drop it! (1% people answered this) Start Creating a Universal and local Team.…Read More

is this in Lebanon?

in the South of Lebanon (18% people answered this) in the North of Lebanon (31% people answered this) somewhere very near to Lebanon (12% people answered this) it can be very much in my lifetime (20% people answered this) it can be in…Read More

ENFORCE Hunting Laws in Lebanon ...STOP the Massacre!!

Update on April 23, 2012

We have choosen a picture of a coast since we believe that everything is inter-connected; when you have a healthy simply goes everywhere like the water down to the sea. Probably, it was once like this in Lebanon...surely it can come back, with Belief…Read More

water is it the case in Lebanon?? consequences of the Human activity...Reconnect with Nature, it is your Life!

watch this video.. direct consequences of the Human activity....Reconnect with Nature, it is your Life!!
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