Nature Conservation, Reforestation and Re-Creation of lost natural habitat

Nature Conservation, Reforestation and Re-Creation of lost natural habitat

This may seem like a long shot to many people; everything begins somewhere.

Protecting & the Top of the Lebanese Mountains is the Vision of having a Declared Nature reserve and Conservation in the whole area from 1500 meters and above (and go lower later); This is where our Drinking water is coming and our ultimate breathing roof. ... We wish one day that the whole Lebanon will be a Protected area, Green and full of Forests planted by Lebanon own people.

The Top of the Lebanese Mountains has an extreme Beauty which still remains despite the loss of the Forests that once where Thriving (we can still see the very few remains).

It seems that our Ancestors didn’t manage to have the vision of replanting the trees that were cut in the last centuries; otherwise we would be enjoying them now.

Let us not make the same mistake as our ancestors and let us start re-planting, from the Top down.

Starting from the Top down is also easier and more strategic because obviously this area is the least inhabited and will be easier to implement Conservation and planting Program.

We are starting from the Top down...all the way to the Bottom of the Sea...and on the way down, we shall re-create our concrete jungle cities and towns