Din cauza complicatiilor, pe 1 Martie 2012 , Ana a fost nevoita sa renunte la bratul drept. Multumim tuturor celor care au oferit un sprijin cat de mic. Lupta nu se termina aici, cei care vor pot sa ajute in continuare. Because of complications , on 1st of…Read More

found raising project

Since we are outside US , it is hard to find a non-profit organisation, and Causes only works with US non-profit organisation. If you, by any chance know anyone who we can use as the found raising organisation please contact us.

Ana Maria's Website

http://www.wix.com/tibabogdan/save-ana-maria check information , donate, comment! Please share more!


Pentru moment donatiile se pot face personal sau in urmatoarele conturi bancare: ( For the moment donations can be made personally or in the following bank accounts:) Beneficiar ( Beneficiary) : Ana Maria Doru RON 63INGB0000999901570789 Branch: ING Romana -…Read More


Va rog invitati cat mai multa lume. Impreuna putem face o schimbare.


Site-ul Anei este acum si in lb. romana. Ana's website is now in romanian language also. Please share. http://www.wix.com/tibabogdan/save-ana-maria

bank accounts of Ana Maria/ conturile bancare ale Anei Maria

RO63INGB0000999901570789 - ING BANK - RON RO80RNCB0081071876010001 - BCR BANK - EURO deschis pe / open on : Ana Maria Doru uitasem sa pun primele 2 litere ale conturilor - incep ambele cu RO (I forgot to put the first 2 digits of the account- both start…Read More
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