Still a work in progress

This project is still "a work in progress". We expect it to be years before before we get enough support as MCS Safe Housing is something the authorities do not care about. Here in Australia we have just had the official nationwide launch of the NDIS ....…Read More

Quebec Safe Housing - New Project

This is wonderful to see. We need many more of these types of projects all around the world. Regards Miriam & Adrian

Next Step - Start Fundraising & Setup Legals

Hi Sorry it has been so long since posting here. Life has a way of creeping up on you in ways you do not want. (Unfortunately, my own battle with MCS has been rough the last few months.) I did not originally set this page up for fund raising. Just for the…Read More

Seeking a charity partner

Hi everyone, Well, I have been trying to sort out a few possible non-profit partners for this project. If you have any ideas - please let us know. You can always contact me directly if you like to be anon/private. My local Rotary group will be considering…Read More


Welcome to everyone joining and thank you for making the effort to show your support. The main purpose of this cause page at this point in time is to raise much needed awareness about the housing issues faced by people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and…Read More


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