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Pu'uhonua Initiative

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is the most critically endangered marine mammal in the United States. Fewer than 1,100 individuals remain, and the overall population is continuing to decline by 4% per year. The recovery goal for the species calls for a healthy wild population. Recovery activities throughout the Hawaiian archipelago include responding to injured seals, rehabilitating them, and placing them back in the wild.

But rehabilitation and release are not always options. Critical injuries or other environmental factors sometimes leave an animal “non-releasable,” meaning that it cannot be returned to the wild. These animals need a safe home, or pu’uhonua, so lethal options need never be considered. The Monk Seal Foundation and our partners are working to provide these seals such a home where they can live out their lives safely and securely, as strong ambassadors for their species. We need your help to make this dedicated Hawaiian monk seal facility and education program a reality. Help us create a Monk Seal Pu`uhonua~ a Hawaiian place of refuge.

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