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How will you spread the word about Heart Awareness?

  • I won't do anything else - being part of it is enough for me. (7% people answered this)
  • It's not what I'd normally do, but I will invite some FB friends to the cause. (17% people answered this)
  • I will happily invite ALL my FB friends - because this IS an important cause. (44% people answered this)
  • Not a problem, a few minutes of my time is worth it. I'll invite my FB friends and look at other ACTIONS on this site. (22% people answered this)
  • Hey, as well as all that, I know a heart charity that should support this - I'll let them know! (8% people answered this)

278 people voted.

TELL 5 FRIENDS TO TELL 5 OTHERS & we will make 1 million people aware that more people die from heart disease than anything else - including cancer. <p>Heart diseases and heart attacks kill more: </p> <p> * CHILDREN than anything else (including injury, accident, cancers, etc); </p> <p> * MEN than the next 3 causes combined (including cancer, injury and accident); and </p> <p> * WOMEN than the next 11 causes combined (including breast cancer)!</p> <p>Knowing about this helps saves lives - ignoring it causes unnecessary deaths.</p> <p> Many people are not even aware they, or someone they know, have a Heart Disease (either from birth or acquired later). Knowing some simple things about the heart and how to reduce the risk may save your life or someone else's. </p> <p> Some things the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified that you can do to reduce your risk include: </p> <p> * Reducing Blood Pressure (less stress & coffee); </p> <p> * Reducing Cholesterol & Obesity (healthy eating & living); </p> <p> * Avoiding Smoke & Limiting Alcohol.</p> <p> We aim to make 1 million people aware of the leading cause of all deaths - and the importance of diet and lifestyle in reducing the risks - saving lives in the process.</p> <p>By making more people aware, we can achieve 3 things to help save lives:</br> 1. Help people <b>reduce the risk</b> of acquiring heart disease;</br> 2. Help advocate for <b>more funding and research</b> into heart disease</br> ... both acquired heart disease and congenital heart disease</br> 3. <b>Support charities & organizations</b> helping people impacted by heart disease </p> <p>To help improve & save lives of those important to you, tell your friends to join the cause by inviting their Facebook friends through this site. </p> <p>If you wish to get more information and get more actively involved, go to to see other things to improve heart health - and be part of a simple project to improve your heart health.</p> <p>If you tell 5 friends, who each tell 5 friends, we only need to have that done 7 more times to exceed our target of 1 million people aware. </p>

There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is different. Every bit helps. Thank you for being part of a worthwhile cause. Come back from time to time and see how far the word has spread.
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