The specific purpose of this corporation is to promote and enhance the future of the youth of the community by providing a safe and friendly environment which instills self-discipline, self-confidence qand through the art of boxing and promoting education.

I have been training these kids out of my home for going on 3 years. They come on their own will with no obligations whatsoever. Being that what I provide comes @ no cost to them, but they must provide quarterly report cards. If their grades are down then they need to pick up that grade or else my volunteer services, which consist of teaching the art of self-discipline through boxing and kick-boxing, is not an option. This also provides a way to build confidence and self esteem.

What I do comes from my heart and I do not seek personal gain from all that I do for them. We have Open Discussion, Q&A's, Journalism, Vision Boards, Bible Studies and 1 hour of Self-Defense Class 3x per week. I believe that these activities can help them find that personal freedom we all seek.

I am seeking a location to build this foundation. Currently I have 17 teenagers that come freely to my home. I have a little park on my premises and that is where we do our training. It is enough for us but I only wish to provide additional workshops. I would like to have Counselors for these teenagers as part as my after school program.

These kids have great insights and questions that have shocked me. I only wish to devote my time which these kids value for they have shown me by showing up @ our scheduled times. They need guidance and direction and from experience I can only help so much. I am only grateful to know that as of yet...every question they have asked, I have answered by using logic and not with irrational thoughts. But most important, I am grateful to know that I can inspire them and also provide answers that are in alignment with their mind, body and heart/soul.