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Dear Mr. Caruana, I would like to inform you that we do have the facility to perform a Halal slaughter at the Civil Abattoir in Marsa. Still, we strictly follow EU regulations as regards to animal welfare and therefore, the animal is first stunned prior to…Read More

591 members!

Hello, amazingly this cause has reached 591 members in just a few days. I will be pasting a link again on facebook to try and increase this number. I am sure many many people agree with me that this barbarism should stop, and really the existing animal…Read More

EU Position on Ritual Slaughter of animals.

The European Union directive, "European Convention for the Protection of Animals for Slaughter",[14] generally requires stunning before slaughter, but allows member states to allow exemptions for religious slaughter: "Each Contracting Party may authorize…Read More

1040 members!

Just sailed past the 1000 member mark .. a big thanks to all those who have helped by recruiting their friends to support this cause, and of course to all 1000+ of you who actually believe that humane treatment for animals shouldn't be bypassed for religious…Read More

Illegal slaughter house found in Mosta

An illegal slaughter house was found in Mosta, and 3 men, 2 of them foreign, were arrested. The animals being slaughtered were goats and sheep. While…Read More

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I would like to ask what are the current rules and laws regarding the ritual slaughter of animals,mostly as regards Halal and Kosher slaughter. Is there a facility at the abattoir for this type of slaughter? Is stunning of the animal mandatory prior to…Read More


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