Help Nancy beat unwarranted criminal charges & defray the costs of her legal defense

California whale researcher Nancy Black of Monterey Bay, has for decades been a major contributor to scientific research on orcas in the North Pacific and on all the whales, dolphins and porpoises of Monterey Bay. In addition, in the course of thousands of whale-watching trips she has operated, she has tirelessly advocated for whale conservation and gladly shared her expert knowledge.

Much more information about Nancy and these charges can be found at our website - www.nancyblacklegaldefense.org. Do check it out.

Personally, after nearly forty years being involved in whale research, conservation, and whale-watching, and knowing Nancy I have never known anyone who more consistently acts to put the interests and welfare of whales first. It is inconceivable to me that Nancy is guilty of any criminal charges. Some overzealous bureaucrat is pusthing a case that can do nothing but harm for the whales, the whales' great champion - Nancy, and needed enforcement of environmental laws in other instances,

In an instance of "no good deed goes unpunished", incredibly Nancy is now facing unwarranted criminal charges with sentences of up to 20 years and half a million dollars in fines! Her alleged offenses? Allegedly doctoring a videotape of whale-watching trip, and twice feeding a group of killer whales with pieces of gray whale blubber from a whales the orcas had just killed.

Nancy insists that she has never "doctored" the tape, never lied to officials, and was only doing scientific research on the orcas, . Ms. Black used an underwater camera and filmed the feeding habits of killer whales

In defending herself against these bizarre charges, Nancy needs our support emotionally, financially, and perhaps politically. The cost of attorneys, particularly those familiar with federal criminal tries is, in Nancy's words, costing her "her life's savings".

This website will be updated as we come up with specific ways you can help Nancy in this fight.