Reiki for Princess Toofie!

Orphaned and injured squirrels recover and thrive beautifully when they are given regular Reiki healing! As a Reiki Master, I give all my rescues Reiki to insure their comfort, health, and well-being! Little squirrels just melt in the soothing love! You can…Read More

Rescued squirrels love Reiki!

As a Reiki Master, I remind my Reiki students that animals are willing recipients of Reiki healing. A Reiki treatment will speed up their recovery, quickly bring them out of shock and help them feel comfortable! They will recover and thrive! Loving=Giving

Squirrel-sitting is part of the Squirrelady's job!

Sometimes, even a squirrel-rescuer goes on vacation. When that happens, I am available to squirrel-sit the little ones! Here I am spending time with sweet Nutkin... her caregiver was out of town for her son's birthday camping trip! What a win-win! I think I…Read More

Toofie Lives Inside

I found Toofie on the ground at the trail in a pool of blood. Her face was cut up and she lay motionless, but breathing. I brought her home, gave her lots of love, Reiki healing, and liquid nourishment. She healed in 6 weeks time, but her lack of equilibrium…Read More


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