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We need to send a clear message to the Govt & its cronies NO STATE FUNERAL!!!!!!!

Margaret Thatcher claims £535,000 for ex-PM duties of taxpayers money

Margaret Thatcher claims £535,000 for ex-PM duties of taxpayers money. Others to benefit have been her successor John Major, paid £490,000 in the last five years, and Tony Blair. In 2008-9, Mr Blair claimed £169,076 - more than his Downing Street salary

This cause belongs to the people who lived through the Thatcher era & future generations

It has now started in earnest,the media newspapers tv & radio will be pushing for a thatcher legacy. Everyone that has joined this cause are now responsible for pushing their point across the entire country.

All of you have stories to tell of your experiences under Thatcherism ,you are now responsible to spread the word & recruit as many people as possible.

good luck & lets get a million voices

Why no Funeral

Can people also sign HM Goverment petition ,which can be found here

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