Back to Send 50 Nonprofits to the 2012 NTC on Scholarships!

Door-to-Door for More Nonprofits at the NTC!

We've tried everything we can think of to raise money to send 50 nonprofits to the NTC on scholarships. Annaliese, NTEN's Publications Director, decided it was time to take our fundraising efforts door-to-door and brought the NTEN:Change Journal with her.

Sadly, she received a lot of doors in her face and a little frostbite on her toes, but no donations to send 50 nonprofit to the NTC on scholarships. Watch the video and donate!

Did you know that with your donation, you're also able to vote on which song NTEN's staff will sing at the NTC to thank donors? It's simple: Donate to a great cause, and we humiliate ourselves as a thank you.

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