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Please Help Save the Mexican Wolves by pledging what you can!!

There are only about 50 Mexican gray wolves ("lobos") in the wilds of New Mexico and Arizona--not enough to ensure their survival. More than 300 lobos are in captivity, waiting to be released into the wild as part of a reintroduction program. Releasing wolves directly into New Mexico--where the best remaining unoccupied habitat exists--is critical to quickly boosting numbers and gene diversity in the wild population, but for bureaucratic reasons the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) won't do it, citing an outdated rule that prevents direct releases into New Mexico. The FWS could easily change this rule by issuing an Environmental Assessment and putting it out for public review, but it refuses to do so. We are putting a full page ad in the LC Sun-News showing the support there is for releasing Mexican wolves into New Mexico. Please help defray the cost if you can.


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