Your efforts "Rock"!

Thank you for joining the cause to help save "Rock" & his family from an abusive and neglectful home! The judge has not made his ruling on if the dogs will be released to their terrible old home. . . . or get to stay at the shelter, continue to get…Read More

30 to go for 1000 supporters!

Thanks for caring & sharing!!

WE DID IT!!!!!

1000 Members!!!!!! Keep it going. . .

Keep inviting!

We're putting the pressure on Endicott's officers in charge to investigate this further! The judge that ruled "innocent" is the SAME judge that thought there was enough evidence to send it to trial. . . something's wrong here & the dogs are caught in the…Read More

Almost 1,500 Members!!

Amazing!!! I've sent this web link to the Mayor of Endicott (Mayor Bertoni) & the Police Chief (Chief Williams). I can't wait for them to see how many people agree that HITTING YOUR DOGS WITH SNOW SHOVELS, GOLF CLUBS, AND 2x4'S IS. . . ABUSE and these…Read More

1 week to go!!

These pups aren't out of the woods . . . we'll know their fate soon! Please keep sharing! I continue to send this link to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and the Police Captain - updating them on how many people want to save these dogs from the abuse they use to…Read More

Your support is adding up!!

Our fingers & toes are crossed - hoping to hear soon about Rock, Princess, and Isis. . . .and their fate - staying at the Humane Society & getting rehabilitated or being forced to go back to their grossly abusive owner. Keep sharing this cause with…Read More
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