Tell Congress to End Military Trauma Training on Live Animals!

"The disturbing video footage shows a callous course instructor who cheerfully whistles while dismembering goats as well as members of the Coast Guard who joke about writing a song about mutilating the animals." ~PETA…Read More

To all animal lovers: Squalid Conditions at Thailand Shelter Revealed

An unrelated but important issue for all concerned about animal welfare: "PETA inspections and complaints from shelter visitors have revealed emaciated dogs suffering from severe mange and confined to mud-filled pens littered with piles of excrement and…Read More

Leaked Video: U.S. Military Training: Live Goats' Legs Cut Off With Tree Trimmers

It's no wonder the so-called army and air force investigations have absolutely nothing to report! This is how the U.S. military train their troops. They must be so proud of such "honourable and brave" soldiers! Please sign the petition to President Obama to…Read More

A song and video to remind us why we need to speak out for the animals

Please sign the petition if you haven't already. Thank you.

No Rambo in this Video

No, you won't find Rambo or any other real or fictional American war hero in this video. It's just a thug bludgeoning a blindfolded defenseless animal to death with a metal baseball bat. The U.S. army and air force investigations have uncovered nothing.…Read More

Air Force unable to identify its own troops

The U.S. Air Force took over the investigation almost two months ago and so far has made no progress because apparently, they have trouble identifying their own troops seen in this video. The brutal attack on this poor animal could go unpunished if we don't…Read More

Petition to President Obama

The Air Force investigation is going nowhere, they can't identify their own troops. We need everyone who is against animal cruelty to join us and sign the petition to the President to demand justice for this poor defenseless animal and punishment for all…Read More
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