Why should we help cats/kittens?

Because they are in need, & we love them too deaf! (60% people answered this) Um, we shouldn't?! (0% people answered this) Cats are lameeeeieees. (0% people answered this) Because cats are alive too! They need special care & food just like we…Read More

Like our page? :)

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kittens/178940542134088 It's a facebook page about cats/kittens! :) UPDATE #1 Or this one! http://www.facebook.com/savethecatsx it doesn't matter! :)

Please recruit more members? :)

Well, as you probably know.. We need more members to save the cats! Please invite some? :) UPDATE #1 We would very much appreciate it if you have your friends join. :)

Thanks for joining!

Thank you for joining! :)

Save the cats!

Please save cats in needy. These cats are being abused, killed, and locked up in a cage, each and every single day. If you donate, that will help prevent the loss to a special cat out there. You can possibly save 3 cats lives, please, for the cats.. :( Adopt…Read More


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