Wear the seat belt on back seat also!

Copy-pasting from a friend's post: Me? Seat belts? Back Seat? Give me a break! If you are one of those people who think that - please read this message from a very close friend and colleague - received 5 minutes ago: "I met with an accident early morning…Read More

Info on "Save 100 Lives!"

For detailed information on the campaign, please visit: http://www.savepunetraffic.org/?q=content/save-100-lives

Launching a major drive to make crossing roads safer

We are planning a major drive for making crossing roads safer in Pune. But let us extend the campaign to 500 people before that. We are at 360 today... Let us invite 10 friends each!

Wear a helmet

Save your parents' child!

If you want working pedestrian signals...

People complain about non-functional vehicular signals but not about non-functional pedestrian signals... so they don't fix pedestrian signals! ... and annually 150 pedestrians die in Pune. Let us go out to the nearest chowk- if the pedestrian signals are not…Read More

Crossing a road at signals in Pune

Most signals in Pune don't allow you to cross safely BY DESIGN... Let us change that!

Which signal could help you cross a road safely?

How many working pedestrian signals have you seen in Pune? If you want you, your children and your parents to cross the road safely, please invite your friends to join the cause!
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