Back to Ban Declawing in Canada

Purpospal to Ban Declawing in Mississauga

oday I went before the City of Mississauga to purpose the banning of declawing. The audience and councilors were amazing. Turns out animal rescue organizations were in today fighting to ban the selling of puppies/kittens in pet stores. I am happy to report it has now banned. More information is to come.

I am so grateful that my brother Lucas recorded my presentation. Please excuse the audio quality, we have run the video through a program to boost the sound.

I ended up connecting with a few animal organizations, so fingers crossed we can work together.

It does look very promising that declawing will be banned in Mississauga. Perhaps another presentation or further communication with counselors we can make magic happen.

To the Paw Project your video’s and information gave me a lot of confidence during the presentation. So thank you Paw Project. I only hope I can accomplish as much as your organization.

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