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Pressure Canadian Cat Rescue's To Help Join Declawing Ban

Hi Everyone,

I desperarely need help from Canadian Cat Rescue's to jump on board with my anti declaw campaign. To this day 4-5 rescue's have acknowledged the campaign.

Please email/call these rescue's, I need help.

To Whom It May Concern;

I am contacting you in regards to seeking your assistance with helping to ban declawing in Canada. Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue has been on a mission since June 2011 to ban declawing in Canada. There is currently an online petition with almost 7000 signatures, we have been in touch with all Canadian Veterinarian Association's, Spca, news papers, mp's/mpp's and any outlet we can get our hands on.

Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue has been fighting this cause singled handed and needs your help desperately.

In order to have our voices heard we must network together and take this on as "our cause" not as an individual group.

If we do not fight together than declawing will continue to happen and more cats will suffer.

We are asking you to join forces . Share our petition on your websites/facebooks/twitters

Contact your local newspapers.

Call/Email/Tweet your mp/mpp

Wear your support, Purchase a "Paws Need Claws" bracelet

Share our video

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