Purpospal to Ban Declawing in Mississauga

http://youtu.be/W3j1_ZgIZCs oday I went before the City of Mississauga to purpose the banning of declawing. The audience and councilors were amazing. Turns out animal rescue organizations were in today fighting to ban the selling of puppies/kittens in pet…Read More

MPP Dipika Damerla, MPP (Mississauga East--Cooksville)

MPP Dipika Damerla, MPP (Mississauga East--Cooksville) For over 3 months I have been trying to contact my local mpp Dipika Damerla. I have called multiple times, emailed and still I haven’t spoken to her or been able to meet in person to address my concerns…Read More

Seeking Donations Towards Anti Declaw Campaign

Adopt Me Canada Cat Rescue is seeking donations towards our anti declaw campaign. We will be using this funds towards printing/ mailing costs. Our goal is to mail a letter to every mpp/mp in Canada along with emailing, tweeting & calling. Any donation…Read More

Pressure Canadian Cat Rescue's To Help Join Declawing Ban

Hi Everyone, I desperarely need help from Canadian Cat Rescue's to jump on board with my anti declaw campaign. To this day 4-5 rescue's have acknowledged the campaign. Please email/call these rescue's, I need help. To Whom It May Concern; I am contacting…Read More

Voice Your Opinions- Email Politicians!!!

Your Voice Needs to be Heard, Click on the link below to contact your local Mp/Mpp and voice your opinions of declawing. This is super easy & will take two seconds. A letter is pre-written for you & all Mp/Mpp information is provided. Even if you do…Read More

Please sign my anti declaw petition :)

Anti Declawing Bracelets for Sale

Anti Declaw Bracelets for Sale Help Ban Declawing in Canada, Purchase a " Paws Need Claws" Bracelet http://youtu.be/9alB1AmyZk8 http://adoptmecanada.blogspot.com/p/bracelets-paws-need-claws.html Thank You :)
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