To educate and bring awareness to as many people as we can that Pitbulls don't deserve the bias ,mistreatment and prejudice against them and to get the ban on breed specific legislation.

The prejudice and abhorrent treatment of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes across the USA has become an epidemic.
Good dogs are being denied a chance of life simply because of how their look or because they have been deemed to be a Pit Bull.
There are many efforts underway across the U.S. as well as the U.K to stop the mistreatment and prejudice against Pit Bulls and to ban breed specific legislation.

One Petition is here:

Many people in the U.S are under the mistaken impression that Pit Bulls are dangerous animals. This impression is from the many dogs that are used in dog fights, and the many that are abused, and are made mean by humans.

“This paints a very bleak future for a wonderful, and very loving animal. We must stop the shelters from killing these fine dogs, and get them to adopt them out instead, get more education about them to people, and better handling of the animals that have been abused, or trained for fights; then just putting them down.

“By signing this petition you are saying that you are tired of all the senseless killing of the Pit Bull breed only because of their breed. That you want training programs for the abused dogs, and for the ones that are trained to fight.
That you want to see these animals adopted to decent families instead of murdered by the shelters.
That people should be educated that Pit Bulls are not born mean, they are made that way by ill treatment, and that the people who fight these dogs should be the ones who are punished instead of the innocent dogs.

Our profile picture is of ACE a dear sweet Pit Bull tragically killed in Detroit in November 2011.
Run free Ace, we love and honor you by making the world a kinder place for dogs like you!