this is one of the most important causes.killers take some months in prison and never years,even if the laws allow.this cause is for every country take seriously the crimes

Animals are victims of sadistic criminals.the criminals hate animals and they try to defend themself by saying the animal was "bad" but 1.what it is impossible to understand :dog killers -they say the dog was dangerous and agresive,but if it was so how come a dog could be beheaded???he could have fight and bite.how could a dog could be skinned alive in France???if he was dangerous and agresive how come he was catched and mutilated??? 2.what is imposible to understand :how can a CAT hurt a person ,so that the person-the killer has to defend himself by killing the cat (!!!!??).the cats are tortured till death in various kinds so this doesnt proove the need to defend,it is pure sadistic and all these kinds of crimes must be taken more seriously by the police.99%killers dont get years in prison,even if all countries allow and this has to be changed!! I KINDLY ASK YOU TO BOOKMARK THIS IMPORTANT CAUSE AND SHARE IT DAILY ON YOUR WALL AND ON 1O FRIENDS WALL,INVITE FRIENDS ALSO until we reach 500 000 members.only this way we will be taken in serious.killers have years in prison!!!