Did you know we can generate Excellent electricity in Awing? Do you think its a nic e idea to genera

Yes (100% people answered this) No (0% people answered this) I do not care (0% people answered this) Government will not accept (0% people answered this) 6 people voted. To help Awing Village in Cameroon acquire basic tools/needs for a long term…Read More

Invite More Awing elites

As we join and build this network behind this cause, we will need regular mailing and informative session. please if you buy this idea, spread the news like wild fire. YES WE CAN AND WILL

Invite More Awing elites and Friends

Dear Cause member, thanks for showing interest, please lets commit ourselves to invite 20 friends each month to join. You do not need to be rich to join, you just need to be committed to our village development efforts. Your ideas count. share your thoughts…Read More
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