What on EARTH will it take? The world is waking up!

What's happening in this world? What's happening TO this world?
Energetic forces appear to be repeating throughout the Universe and Foster Gamble tells all in his amazing film, "Thrive" (not to be confused with Drive).
Bringing it down from the galactic to the more mundane, Gamble becomes our "foster" father. Like Alex Trebek in "Jeopardy," the compulsive Gamble tackles the never before asked questions of the Universe and the political forces that fuel its monetary consumption. Not allowing the world to be supressed, our "foster" father, with the clues left behind by the all-telling cosmos, is able to formulate a very complex observation with plausible conclusions. It is all within our grasp. But...what on earth with it take...its not a risk if its a Gamble.