Borstal Boys on TV

June 24 2012, 9:00 pm, aired on Citizen TV Kenya: the story of Shimo la Tewa Borstal Boys (juvenile offenders). YOUth Shift Africa co-founder Moses Aran aka Cvilizer has coached and provided emotional healing with The Journey method for these boys since…Read More

YOUth Shift Africa supporter Diane Rooke honoured by the President of Kenya

Awesome news: YOUth Shift Africa's dear friend and incredible supporter Diane Rooke has been awarded the medal of Head of State's Commendation by the President of Kenya for her outstanding commitment and achievements in her journey to a better run prison…Read More

Kenya: Three Million Girls Can't Access Sanitary Pads

Says Fei-zy Waringa, Girls Shift Africa creatress and coordinator: "I am happy to announce that Girls Shift Africa will be embarking on our project for re-usable menstrual pads today! Yeeeeey, am so haaaaapppy."

YOUth Shift Africa - TukTuk loan

YOUth Shift Africa Mombasa under the leadership of YSA co-founder Moses Aran Oindo aka Cvilizer and their mentor and vision holder Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt is aiming to secure a bank loan to buy our first Tuk Tuk (auto rickshaw). The Tuk Tuk will run as a…Read More

YOUth Shift Africa community service, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Kayole/Nairobi

Been there, done it, proudly displayed the T-shirt! Organized by YSA Nairobi project manager Meshack Ondora and with leading light Moses Aran aka Cvilizer in attendance, more than 30 YOUth Shifters gathered last Sunday to help Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in…Read More

YOUth Shift Africa community service, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Kayole/Nairobi

Today, June 10 2012, YOUth Shift Africa Nairobi group called for a community cleanup service at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole/Nairobi. Here is just one of the feedbacks received immediately: "I am speechless! I think I've landed in the right place. I…Read More

YOUth Shift Africa on Causes

Hi YOUth Shift Africa members & friends, so much excellent work is being done by many of you and I as the YSA founder would like to personally thank you for your commitment and dedication to Be The Change! We'd love to keep it this way and massively…Read More
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