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Take the pledge to adopt a homeless animal as your next pet!


Animals are Innocent. They need love, that's really all they want! They deserve so much more than they get. It hurts my heart to think of the hundreds of thousands of Dogs, Cats, and many other of Gods creatures that need loving homes. If you have $5.00 to spare on cigarettes ,candy , Alcohol , or anything else that's not a necessity, you have it to share to a loving homeless Animal that deserves a chance!!! How can we ignore this? I can't bear to watch the ASPCA commercials without crying a giving. Yes, it is just a commercial, but we all see Animals that are starving . I seen a female dog that had had pups not too long ago in Wendy's parking lot the other day. Instead of buying the extra Vanilla shake I wanted, I bought that Innocent starving Dog a meal.. It truly warmed my heart! I can't stand to see animals starved to death, or hurt. So my family and I have decided to give to 2 local shelters each week. I decided to take my family to a shelter, A homeless shelter, and a animal shelter, and you know. There is not really that much different. Yes, to see a baby starving for food and love is heart wrenching, but to see a innocent dog or cat, cold from the rain , or run over and left to die hurts my heart just as bad , just in a different way. Please give to the poor animals. Please make a promise to give $1.00 a day.. You will be rewarded Tenfold.... God bless

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