For women. And men, that are being abused now! Do you know how many? is there anyone out here that cares anymore?!

I was abused. A very short time ago. I almost didnt have Anywhere to go christmas...I had gotten right. Tight with God! I didn't know of anyone better to turn to...Well the time came to ask friends for help.To my suprise , I had noone. Not anyone I trusted. I went from living a ok, pretty normal life. To being verbally, mentally and Physically abused. In front of my child...I said No....I'd sleep in my car. And that was all it took...It wasant the abuse that caused my first reaction. But my child. I wasant about to let her watch. And some day walk across the same kind of bastard....So I left...Noone helped. Not even family. Why should they I asked again again. Well because they're my family. If you cant get help at Christmas time from your own Mom. Eho is,also bring verbally and mentally abused and has been for all of 19 yrs....How could she turn her head...? But. She, did. Along with everyone else....I hope and Pray that not one of you EVER has to know what this feels like. And that you're Mom. Your family wont throw you away....So my cause is for not just abusive men,and women. But for all of us that have noone to turn yo. You know what this feels like.??? Come on...Be strong. People need to know your out there. I need to know your out here!!! I called church after church. Isn't that why they pass that tray around? I mean Atleast somewhat?? ,No! Its not!!! I wasant asking gor $. But only for some where for my child and I to lay our heads...So, I ask of you. Will you donate? $1.00 ?! , so that women in the same situation may have some where to lay there heads Atleast toy one night. ..????? Jts our women and men that need us! So lets be there! Thank you!!!!!!