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Global Giving Matching Donations + Bonus Prize for Heshima Kenya - With your help!

Dear All,

As you know, Heshima Kenya is an NGO in Nairobi, and our core focus is on assisting orphaned refugee minors by providing a holistic set of services geared towards ensuring their positive participation in our communities as responsible ‘citizens’. Many of these children have lost their parents in a horrific manner (tortured and killed, racially motivated killings etc) during or prior to their flight from their home countries. Many are victims of coercion and rape, and our focus is on those below the age of 18. We strive to renew their confidence in themselves and the world at large by providing them with a safe and secure environment where their individual needs are met now and for the future. For more information on our programs, please visit our website:

As a member of the Global Giving Foundation, we now have an excellent opportunity to enhance the goodwill of our donors; from March 8-March 27th, the Foundation will award either $5,000, $2,500 or $1,000 to the top three projects that receive the most number of donations at the end of the campaign – not the most dollars. After five days, Heshima Kenya is currently in third place with 21 donations, while the first place status has 32 donations. Please help us to get to number 1 by donating online via the Global Giving Foundation’s website – remember they don’t care about the amount, just the numbers so even 10$ could go a long way. Global Giving has also pledged to MATCH the first 95,000$ in donations that is raised during this period. To see our latest position and for an easy link to the payment site, please click on the link below: (you must follow this link for the donations to count for the matching and the possible bonus)

And give to the project Entitled ‘A Sanctuary for Empowering Refugee Girls’

Thank you all very much for your consideration, and I hope we can celebrate our success in the not too distant future, please forward this to other friends and family who you believe would be interested in our efforts in one way or another,

Thank you so much for your attention and support,


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