Heshima Kenya specializes in identifying , protecting and empowering orphaned and separated refugee children living in Nairobi

Heshima is the Swahili word for respect, honor, and dignity.

For the children we serve today to become tomorrow’s advocates creating social change, both individually and collectively.

Heshima Kenya is the first and only non-governmental organization in Kenya committed to remedying the absence of services available to over 3,000 separated and orphaned refugee children living in Nairobi. We provide support to help heal emotional scars along with shelter, education, funds for medical care and skill development programs to meets these children’s basic needs and transitional assistance to foster self-sufficiency. Heshima Kenya also identifies caregivers within the refugee community and facilitates group meetings to discuss innovative ways to strengthen the community’s capacity to care for unaccompanied refugee children, specifically adolescent girls who are most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Our holistic programs work in tandem with the refugee community and our partner organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, and local religious institutions, schools and clinics to assist additional children, connect services and create awareness.

Heshima Kenya's programs include our Foster Care Program, Safe House and Children’s Empowerment Project. To learn more about our mission and ways to support unaccompanied refugee children, please visit heshimakenya.org

1. A child who is deprived of his or her family environment shall be entitled to special protection and assistance

2. Children are entitled to a standard of living equal to the child's phyiscal, mental, spiritual moral & social development

3. Every child has the right to education, progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity

4. Every child shall be protected from all forms of exploitation

5. Every child has an inherent right to life