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Help NYMF Help Musicals

Your donation, no matter the amount, can help NYMF help the future of musical theatre. To contribute, go to

and click on the "Donate" panel on the home page.

Just take a look at what your donation can do:

$5 – A binder for a script

A wrench for a lighting technician

A cheap prop

A notebook for a director or stagemanager

Post-its and highlighters for the NYMF office

Caffeine for a NYMF venue director at the beginning of an 18 hour day

$10 – Copies of a script

Mic tape

A slightly less cheap prop

A pack of 25 blank CDs to burn new show demos for a cast/crew

A box of 100 manila envelopes for the NYMF office

Food for a NYMF venue director during an 18 hour day

$15 – Enough fabric for a dress

A gallon of paint

An even less cheap prop

A roll of glow tape

One pizza for NYMF office Volunteers

A trip home at 2am for a NYMF venue director after an 18 hour day


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