Barnaba Institute is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! Please donate today: To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the…Read More

Five Things You Can Do Today

1. Purchase Responsibly. Use the Better World Shopper Guide ( to rate your everyday purchases to make sure that you're not unknowingly contributing to slave labor. 2. Download the Goodseach toolbar and type in "Barnaba Institute"…Read More

Politicians: Legalized prostitution not a solution for budget woes

Posted on 08/24/2009 By STEVE KOBAK Hour Staff Writer While Rhode Island legislators weigh the repealing a loophole that allows indoor prostitution, Connecticut lawmakers say they will never consider a provision that…Read More

Code of Conduct for Men in the 21st Century

Authored by: Brian Iselin, 2009 Alabaster Jar e.V. 1. I REJECT unconditionally all violence against women and children. 2. I REJECT the buying of sex with women and children. 3. I WILL intervene when I see a man beating a woman. 4. I WILL NOT beat my wife or…Read More

Raise money for the Institute without spending an extra penny!

Raise money for the Barnaba Institute every time you shop online or search the web through! ________________________ FACEBOOK APP:

Former State Rep'

We Need Your Help Today...and "Johns"

Read an article by a former escort reviewing the book "Johns" by Victor Malarek and how this book changed her perception of the industry she used to work in: We're $475 short shy of our…Read More
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