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As seen in the child bullying statistics that Ark of Hope for Children has gathered, victims of bullying are still not getting the attention they deserve. We hear it from many of the people we talk to, including parents of bullying victims, "Everybody gets bullied at one time or another." Really?? Is this what we simply give in to? The five organizations that make up Hope Not Hype say "No way!"

People need to hear your voices; your stories and your ideas. Together the Hope Not Hype team will collaborate, mash it all together and take to the streets and web to make a difference!
If you have been through bullying or abuse and you wish someone would care and listen, you are in the right place. If you suffer from depression, self harm or suicidal thoughts PLEASE contact Blair Corbett - [email protected] and I will be sure you are heard by the best of our 5 organizations that can help.

Also part of our team is Justice For All Revolution; your 24/7 free and anonymous social support live chat site. Many of the leaders here are available on that site as facilitators. I, Blair Corbett, am there almost every night U.S. time.

PLEASE leave your comments, suggestions and stories here.
Blair Corbett - [email protected]

Blair Corbett, Survivors Coach, speaker, JFAR lead facilitator, founder Ark of Hope for Children

Jimmy Elliott, JFAR facilitator, founder Holding of Wrist

TJ Prodigy, rapper, singer, break dancer, speaker, JFAR facilitator, founder Challenge For Change Campaign

Ann Erickson Gettis, founder, Jeremiah’s Hope For Kindness

Patty Cummings, JFAR facilitator, owner Justice For All Revolution


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