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Happy Birthday Holding of Wrist- 4 years young!

Hey everyone please stand up today and give a hearty Happy Birthday to HOW, Holding of Wrist! HOW was founded 4 years ago today by the 14 year old Jimmy Elliott on MySpace. Through HOW, Jimmy spread a message of love to young people who, like he once was, are suffering with depression, self harm or suicidal thoughts. Amazingly HOW is now 100,000 strong and growing. How, Ark of Hope, Challenge for Change Campaign, and Jeremiah's Hope for Kindness now all make up Do Not Stand Alone together, and together we hope to make great change for those targeted by bullying.

I am SO proud of be a friend of (adopted internet son) Jimmy and of course, HOW. Ark of Hope for Children has partnered with Jimmy and HOW to inspire youth in any way we can. Whether you are bullied, depressed, sad or anything else do NOT give up! Hold on! You are not alone. Watch this video... Happy Birthday to and from HOW! Love you Jimmy Elliott you inspire me. ♥ Blair Corbett

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