Targets of bullying need support! They need all of us to come around them and know that "No Survivor Stands Alone!"

Stop Bullying - Don't Stand Alone is a survivor focused, anti-bullying effort that is part of Ark of Hope for Children,  our live chat survivor support site Removing Chains, and our localized mobilization of communities in support of survivors callled UnChained Project.

We act in full alliiance with Jimmy Elliott's Holding of Wrist; Ann Gettis' Jeremiah's Hope For Kindness; and TJ Prodigy's "We Stand" anti-bullying song and shows.

Bullies themselves need help to change their ways; often they are victims of abuse at home and they are crying for attention. Teachers and school staff need help, unity and guidance on a way that works but doesn't over stress their already overwhelming schedules. And parents, those that already care, need a voice; and those that don't care enough need a wake-up call.

This is why Don't Stand Alone has been established. If you want to get even more active, how about starting an anti-bullying, survivor support group in your community? Check out or new UnChained Project to get started!