Share Your Bully Victim Story & Suggestions

As seen in the child bullying statistics that Ark of Hope for Children has gathered, victims of bullying are still not getting the attention they deserve. We hear it from many of the people we talk to, including parents of bullying victims, "Everybody gets…Read More

Demand a Reporting Function for Child Sexual Abuse Content on Facebook

We, the socially responsible users on and Facebook demand the provision of a Child/Minor Endangerment category in Facebook content reporting options. As Facebook is a social network with minors allowed to set up profiles and interact with adult…Read More

Stopping abuse starts with taking the pledge "Abuse Stops With Me"

If all abuse is stopped in one generation Ark of Hope for Children would have to find a different field of work. Help put Blair Corbett, founder of Ark of Hope for Children out of work as we all pledge to #StopAbuse…Read More


Felony? Misdemeanor? Bullies need to be held accountable then MAYBE change will start to happen.

LOCAL Worldwide Vigils for Human Sex Trafficking victims, survivors & their families

Check out doing a Local vigil for child sex trafficking victims. rally your school, neighborhood or family and join the Don't Stand Alone - Stop Bullying leaders as we do our own local vigils or attend the online one on December…Read More

Worldwide ONLINE Vigil for Human Sex Trafficking victims, survivors & their families

Erase Hate Festival, Tampa, Florida, Sunday November 4th

Ark of Hope for Children will be in Tampa tomorrow with TJ Prodigy reaching out to bully survivors and others about our new Removing live chat site where Under 18 Bullying targets have their own room for support. If you are anywhere near Tampa…Read More
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